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Future – Could wooden buildings be a solution to climate change?

Future – Could wooden buildings be a solution to climate change? The seven-storey building is about two-thirds complete – the basic structure and staircases are in place, with plastering and wiring just beginning. But as I walk around, something different slowly reveals itself. Spread the word

Earth Overshoot Day 2019

July 29 – Earth Overshoot Day 2019. Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year. Spread the word

A National Mini-Conference: TOWARD A PLAN

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Better World

“Impact Day has become an integral part of the DNA at UM, bonding employees to each other, to the agency and to their communities,” said Anthony Hello, Senior Vice President and Better World Global Chair, UM. “By inspiring change and making an impact within our local communities, this day of service truly embodies the better […]

Financially Viable Solutions That Work Now

Financially Viable Solutions That Work Now The Foundation for Climate Restoration is partnering with local governments, NGOs and communities around the world to launch financially viable ecosystem restoration projects to revive ocean dead zones, grow forests of seaweed and bring back fisheries. Spread the word

Putting pigs in the shade: the radical farming system banking on trees

A farm in Portugal is showing how the ancient art of silvopasture – combining livestock with productive trees – may offer some real answers to the climate crisis Spread the word

7,000+ Colleges and Universities Declare Climate Emergency and Unveil Three-Point Plan to Combat It.

“We all need to work together to nurture a habitable planet for future generations and to play our part in building a greener and cleaner future for all.” More than 7,000 colleges and universities across the globe declared a climate emergency on Wednesday and unveiled a three-point plan to collectively commit to addressing the crisis. […]

Generating fundamental understanding of global ecology

This is an important new tool for strategic tree planting to suck up massive amounts of CO2. They proposed nearly 80 million hectares of reforestation for Canada. Governments around the world are well below the 50% level in what is required in their commitments so far. But it turns out, one of the most important […]