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We can prevent pandemics

We can prevent pandemics by restoring habitats and giving other species a place to live Spread the word

Climate emission killer: biggest liquid air battery

Construction is beginning on the world’s largest liquid air battery, which will store renewable electricity and reduce carbon emissions from fossil-fuel power plants. Spread the word

These Canadian species are found nowhere else on Earth

Researchers catalogue more than 200 that only Canada can save from extinction. What species are more Canadian than moose or beavers? We now have an answer. A new report has catalogued 308 species, sub-species and varieties of plants and animals found in Canada — and nowhere else on the planet. Spread the word

Humanity is finished if it fails to adapt after Covid-19

Humanity will be “finished” if we fail to drastically change our food systems in response to the coronavirus pandemic and the climate crisis, the prominent naturalist Jane Goodall has warned. Spread the word

Cities call for action on Biodiversity Day

This International Day for Biodiversity [May 22nd] is a unique moment to appreciate the value of nature and reimagine nature-centric cities. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, people around the world are reaffirming the need for urban nature in all its forms. Spread the word

Green Infrastructure Ontario

The Green Infrastructure Ontario (GIO) Coalition is an alliance of organizations that share a common vision for a healthy, green Ontario where the economic, social, environmental, and health benefits of green infrastructure are fully realized.. Founded in 2009, and guided by a steering committee, we work to promote awareness and understanding of green infrastructure, and […]

Comments on student experience of the Resilience for Climate Change course

Thank you for the semester! I really enjoyed learning from a teacher who is as passionate about their subject as you are. I never had the opportunity to study climate change before and it was a real eye opener. I admire that you live by what you preach! The conversation of climate change has been […]

Managing climate risks

Although adaptation made it onto the international agenda and was enshrined in the Paris climate agreement, Jo-Ellen Parry, an adaptation specialist at the International Institute for Sustainable Development, says there was originally strong pushback. Spread the word