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Human Activity Altered 70 Percent of Earth’s Land, Degraded 40 Percent of It

Agenda 21 from the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, calling for an international convention to combat desertification. UN SDG Knowledge Platform. The UNCCD is focused on the rehabilitation, conservation and sustainable management of land and water resources and is the “custodian” for Sustainable Development Goal Target 15.3, which aims to: “By 2030, combat desertification, restore […]

The Climate Emergency is our Generation’s Biggest Challenge

Alliance for Climate Education [ACE] educates, inspires and supports young people to lead the fight for their future. We ensure they have everything they need to understand the science and advocate for solutions to the climate emergency. Spread the word

Professionals’ Adaptation Network I Climate change demands new ways of thinking and doing

BC Professionals’ Adaptation Network | Climate change demands new ways of thinking and doing. – Inspiring Climate Action Climate change demands new ways of thinking and doing. The Adaptation Learning Network is helping professionals in British Columbia who work at the front line of climate adaptation to integrate adaptation competencies into their professional practice, through […]

ICLEI World Congress 2021-2022

Register today to attend the Congress! The registration for the ICLEI World Congress 2021 – 2022: The Malmö Summit is now open. Join us on 11-13 May 2022 onsite in Malmö or virtually to learn about innovative strategies and cutting edge solutions in sustainable and equitable urban development, exchange good practices, get inspired and connect […]

Rangers prepare for return of wild bison to UK

“When you see them in the wild, there’s this tangible feeling of humility and respect,” says Tom Gibbs, one of the UK’s first two bison rangers. “The size of them instantly demands your respect, although they are quite docile. I wouldn’t say they are scary, but you’re aware of what they can do.” Spread the […]

The Climate Action Tracker – Canada

This shows the need for Canadians to step it up in the fight for 1.5 degrees. We are already very affected by climate change but our policies and money are not sufficient to get the job done. Time to do more and time to demand more of our leaders. Cheryl Spread the word

Flooding map anywhere in Canada in the future

Finally, we have the info needed for better zoning and development. This map viewer allows anyone to see where flooding will occur anywhere in Canada in the future. Cheryl Spread the word

ICLEI’s annual conference on resilience

ICLEI’s annual conference on resilience kicks off on Monday. Yes, online again. Free. You can register at the Daring Cities site. And once registered, if you miss a session, you have access to recordings and podcasts and reports later. Spread the word