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Urban greening can reduce impact of global heating in cities

Urban greening initiatives such as planting street trees, rainwater gardens and de-paving can help mitigate the impacts of urban heating due to the climate crisis and urban expansion, according to a study that has found cities have been warming by 0.5C a decade on average. Scientists at Nanjing and Yale Universities analysed satellite data from […]

As Colorado River Dries, the U.S. Teeters on the Brink of Larger Water Crisis

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‘I’m glowing’: scientists are unlocking secrets of why forests make us happy

How happy do you feel right now? The question is asked by an app on my phone, and I drag the slider to the space between “not much” and “somewhat”. I’m about to start a walk in the woods that is part of a nationwide research project to investigate how better to design the forests […]

Action for the Climate Emergency

We believe in justice and equity. Communities most impacted by racial injustice and social inequity are also those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. We place special focus on lifting up these voices within the global climate movement. We believe in telling the whole truth, because young people have the right to understand the […]

Revealed: how climate breakdown is supercharging toll of extreme weather

Chart showing extreme what types of weather events have been made more severe or likely by human-caused global heating. But with a crunch UN climate summit in Egypt in November fast approaching … Spread the word

The Voice of Present & Future Generations

As a global social innovation enterprise, we combine grassroots action with advocacy at the highest levels of policy making to create a just, equitable, peaceful and nuclear-weapons-free world. The anthropogenic impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss disproportionately affect regions and communities least responsible for it – amongst them young people, the old and the […]

Virtual forum for urban leaders

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Perhaps you want to know what they know?

If you could ask a post-secondary student anything about climate change, what would you ask? Perhaps you want to know what they know? Or are they afraid or concerned? Are they depressed? Do they think anything can be done? What should they do? Spread the word