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Universities aren’t doing enough for climate.

It is 2023. You probably know the stats. CO2 in our air is at 421 ppm, up 50 percent since we started treating the atmosphere like a sewer. The planet has warmed at least 1.1 °C (1.9 °F). But do you know the trends? In the last 30 years we have emitted more CO2 into […]


As the world is suffocating under extreme weather events, widespread food and water scarcity, destruction of ecosystems, and a series of other interrelated climate-linked crises, Simon Sharpe’s book is a breath of fresh air … Five Times Faster takes you on a captivating – yet alarming – journey through the complexities of climate change … […]

Bridging the climate change generation gap

Lakehead University surveyed teens and young adults between the ages of 16-25. Over half of the respondents said that climate change was making them feel anxious, afraid and they felt powerless to do anything about it. Spread the word

‘Terrified for my future’: climate crisis takes heavy toll on young people’s mental health

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Climate emotions and anxiety among young people in Canada: A national survey and call to action

Young people have a unique positionality in relation to the mental and emotional dimensions of climate change: they have contributed the least to the crisis, they are and will be disproportionately impacted, and they have limited opportunities and invaluable perspectives for influencing action. Evidence increasingly illustrates that young people are particularly vulnerable to climate distress […]

Canada’s young people are filled with a sense of doom and gloom

Canada’s young people are filled with a sense of doom and gloom, not just about the planet’s climate change future, but also about their government’s lack of action in dealing with it. That’s according to a recent study from Lakehead University, in which researchers surveyed 1,000 people ages 16 to 25 across the country on […]

It’s inequality that kills

Canadian author and professor of climate justice cautiously hails loss and damage agreements at Cop27. Naomi Klein published her first book on the climate crisis, This Changes Everything, almost a decade ago. She was one of the organisers and authors of Canada’s Leap manifesto, a blueprint for a rapid and justice-based transition off fossil fuels. In […]

‘We create changemakers’: the new UK college dedicated to climate crisis

The lecture theatre was once a cowshed, the study centre is an old farmhouse living room and the classrooms are mostly outdoors: welcome to the newest higher educational college in Britain. The former farm that is Black Mountains College campus is a core part of an insurgent institution that is the first entirely dedicated to adapting […]