Resilience 2:1 Conversation


To protect the health and livelihoods of women and vulnerable communities from extreme heat. We address climate-driven extreme heat through a gender lens, leaning on trusted partnerships, respecting local knowledge, championing equity, embracing the Humanitarian Priniciples, recognizing the power of women, taking immediate action that informs systems change, fostering mission-aligned relationships, ensuring integrity in financial […]

Climate Connections, Reimagine Resilience – Course

Learning & Training Climate Connections Course, Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) – This free, in-person, six-part course, developed by How We Thrive and hosted by HRM’s Environment and Climate Change team, takes place at the Halifax Central Library on Tuesdays at 7-8:30 pm from May 21-June 25. Learn about how climate change is impacting the HRM and what […]

AI is an energy hog. This is what it means for CLIMATE CHANGE.

If we build more fossil-fuel plants to meet our growing electricity demand, it’ll come with negative consequences for the climate. But if we use rising electricity demand as a catalyst to lean harder into renewable energy and other low-carbon power sources, and push AI to get more efficient, doing more with less energy, then we […]

Power Up, book by Yasmin Ali

Excited to share my thoughts on ‘Power Up: An Engineer’s Adventures into Sustainable Energy’ by Yasmin Ali. This book offers a captivating journey into the world of sustainable energy, exploring the crucial role engineers play in combating climate change. Ali’s narrative not only highlights the pressing need for clean energy solutions but also showcases the […]

Joy In The Park

One of the highlights of the event “Joy in the park” was the unveiling of Jamii’s new photo exhibition “Placemaking“, curated by Sabrine S Hakam, with artistic advisor Sarah S Ahmad, and showcasing the talent of seven local photographers. One of the selected photos is mine, “Beware of Artists, they mix with all classes of […]

World’s top climate scientists expect global heating to blast past 1.5C

Exclusive: Planet is headed for at least 2.5C of heating with disastrous results for humanity, poll of hundreds of scientists finds. ‘Hopeless and broken’: why the world’s top climate scientists are in despair. Hundreds of the world’s leading climate scientists expect global temperatures to rise to at least 2.5C (4.5F) above preindustrial levels this century, […]

How Solar Farms Help Us And The Bees

Here’s a sunny surprise: solar farms are not just powerhouses for clean energy but are also becoming havens for the bees! Recent research has revealed an exciting dual purpose for these energy fields—they’re helping reverse the decline of bee populations. In the prairies of Minnesota, solar farms have blossomed into vibrant ecosystems. Initiatives to intersperse […]

How Oil Companies Could End Up Footing Bill For Climate Disasters

For the first time, some state lawmakers are trying to turn that advanced modeling into policy. Lawmakers Hope To Use This Emerging Climate Science To Charge Oil Companies For Disasters. A fast-emerging field of climate research is helping scientists pinpoint just how many dollars from a natural disaster can be tied to the historic emissions […]