Resilience 2:1 Conversation

Flood and erosion control study at Toronto Island Park

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), in partnership with the City of Toronto, is undertaking a flood and erosion control study at Toronto Island Park. Spread the word

8 Billion Trees

We’re living in a critical time of global warming issue, and we HUMANS are the major cause who are responsible for this. We are increasingly influencing the climate and the earth’s temperature by burning fossil fuels, cutting down forests, and farming livestock. Spread the word

ICLEI’s annual conference on resilience

ICLEI’s annual conference on resilience kicks off on Monday. Yes, online again. Free. You can register at the Daring Cities site. And once registered, if you miss a session, you have access to recordings and podcasts and reports later. Spread the word

Note to R2:1 Members

Meetings I have been to that may require action 1. CrewResilience; 2. Climate Action Network; 3. Deb Morrison; 4. ACE meeting; 5. Hadi’s project Spread the word

Minutes from Board Meeting

Minutes from very productive Resilience 2:1 Board meting held on September 9, 2021 are posted on our website. Spread the word

ICLEI World Congress 2022

We invite you to register for The Malmö Summit. There you will also find relevant information on travel planning, Malmö as a destination and registration fees. ICLEI Members benefit from a special discounted rate. More information about the program will follow at a later date. Spread the word

ACIDO Rocket 2021 Sustainability Award

We are proud to announce that our student Moriah Gonidis, Humber College, climate change class, winter 2020, won the ACIDO Rocket 2021 Sustainability Award. ACIDO stands for Association of Chartered Industrial Designer of Ontario. Spread the word

Focused Adaptation: A strategic approach to climate adaptation in cities

Cities should invest in actions that increase resilience systemically, as a foundation to adapting to specific and immediate hazards. Systemic resilience includes increasing awareness of physical climate risks, incorporating risk into city processes, optimizing emergency response, and enhancing financial and insurance programs. Spread the word