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We Are Resilient Opening Event

The City of Mississauga’s Environment Section and Museums of Mississauga have joined together to curate an exhibition exploring climate change and climate action in our City. See compelling photographs and stories created by Mississauga residents, perspectives from international scientific leaders and learn how you can take climate action today! Spread the word

C40’s triennial climate action Summit

The C40 Summit is a critical moment ahead of COP27 to share and learn from cities’ climate action successes. A diverse coalition of thought leaders and influential decision-makers will showcase innovative solutions, expertise and perspectives around three key pillars; a fair and inclusive pandemic recovery, wellbeing cities, and the urgent need for climate finance. Spread […]

As Colorado River Dries, the U.S. Teeters on the Brink of Larger Water Crisis

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‘I’m glowing’: scientists are unlocking secrets of why forests make us happy

How happy do you feel right now? The question is asked by an app on my phone, and I drag the slider to the space between “not much” and “somewhat”. I’m about to start a walk in the woods that is part of a nationwide research project to investigate how better to design the forests […]

Minutes: R 2:1 Board Meeting August 29, 2022

Board meeting R 2:1 Board Meeting of  Resilience 2:1 was held on August 29, 2022 Spread the word

The Sustainable Utilization of Wood in Construction

Analysts have calculated that utilizing wood in 80% of new residential building projects in Europe alone would absorb 55 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). This would effectively halve the CO2 annual emissions caused by the construction industry in Europe. Meanwhile, supply chain issues, rising energy costs, and scarcity of materials highlight a need for […]

Action for the Climate Emergency

We believe in justice and equity. Communities most impacted by racial injustice and social inequity are also those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. We place special focus on lifting up these voices within the global climate movement. We believe in telling the whole truth, because young people have the right to understand the […]