Resilience 2:1 Conversation

What does a future-proofed home look like?

The three-storey house in the Hertfordshire village of Wheathampstead has 35 solar panels that produce more energy than Mr Heal and his wife can use, so they can sell surplus electricity. The house is fully electric. The couple plan to buy solar battery storage so that even more of their energy is useable. Spread the […]

Climate change: 6 unexpected ways to save the planet

Trying to reverse climate change is possibly the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. Luckily, there are some amazing minds around the planet working on the problem from every angle, and you may be surprised at some of the solutions they’re coming up with. Spread the word

Sustainable isn’t a thing

A pheasant struts around the Garden of Eden. The pheasant is, well, a pheasant, a male, with those long, jaunty tail feathers; the Garden of Eden is the semi-serious name given by Dan Cox, a 39-year-old chef turned farmer, to a patch of land about half the size of a football pitch on his farm […]

Creative Disruption – Resilient Cities Start Here

Join Future Cities Canada on Wednesday, July 21st at 10am at The Summit, and speakers, Catherine Tàmmaro, Edward Burtynsky and Umbereen Inayet for this exciting discussion brought to you by City of Toronto. Spread the word

Indigenous Canada – Course

Highly recommendable course, promising to change your view towards this extremely important issue is offered by Indigenous Canada, University of Alberta, a 12-lesson MOOC that explores Indigenous histories and contemporary issues in Canada. It is free for anybody who wants to enrol. Spread the word

The health costs of climate change

Climate change is not just an environmental and economic threat. It’s also a threat to public health—and policy isn’t keeping up. The second report in our Costs of Climate Change series finds that the impacts of climate change on health could cost Canada’s healthcare system billions of dollars and reduce economic activity by tens of […]

Why planting a tree is a radical act – Joseph Beuys

In 1982, artist, environmental activist and German Green Party founder Joseph Beuys began what was arguably his most seminal work: the planting of 7,000 oak trees around a city in central Germany. Beuys conceived 7000 Eichen (or Oaks) as a way of re-connecting the traumatised citizens of Kassel – which had been heavily bombed in […]

Interested in nature – Happy Fathers Day

This is not about me, this is about young generation that understands in the early stage of their life [my granddaughter Lumen is 4 1/5 years old] importance of the nature. “Deda would like the birds + leaves because he is interested in nature” Spread the word