Resilience 2:1 Conversation

Planet Wreckers: How 20 Countries’ Oil and Gas Extraction Plans Risk Locking in Climate Chaos

If these 20 Planet Wreckers said “no” to their planned new oil and gas production, as the UN Secretary General is urging them to, 173 billion tonnes (Gt) of carbon pollution would be kept in the ground. That is equivalent to the lifetime pollution of nearly 1,100 new coal plants, or more than 30 years […]

The climate crisis is a crisis of inequality

Our collective inaction on climate breakdown reflects in part our failure to acknowledge that the climate crisis is a crisis of inequality, and that solving the climate crisis is inextricably tied with the politics and economics of inequality. Put simply, redistribution from rich to poor, whether domestically or internationally, is a climate policy, and climate […]

“Nature is the source of all true knowledge.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Today, we’re celebrating the incredible fusion of innovation and technology in the battle to protect our planet. Today’s particular focus? Spread the word

What is Climate Resilience?

We’re in a climate crisis. As the world warms, people across the globe face daunting new challenges, on a scale never seen before. To withstand those challenges—and to thrive—we need climate resilience. Spread the word

“Negligent manslaughter”: Climate change could kill 1 billion mostly poor people

By the end of the century, nearly 1 billion mostly poor people could die due to climate change, a new study suggests. If climate change reaches 2°C higher than pre-industrial levels, the level of death it will unleash would be catastrophic, according to research published in the scientific journal Energies. If true, this means that […]

Climate Action Conference

My job is to send them off, motivated and informed to move as quickly as possible in both reducing emissions and engaging in actions to promote adaptation to climate extremes. This is where I will be speaking on Sept. 22, 2023 Spread the word

Why seek self-realisation?

The Norwegian philosopher Arne Næss (1912-2009) coined the term deep ecology. The main idea of deep ecology is that we should address the ecological crisis through a paradigm shift. Rather than tinkering with concrete targets (such as CO2 emissions), we must radically re-envisage how we engage with the world. Spread the word

Anger is most powerful emotion by far for spurring climate action

My greatest despair with climate change/chaos/and multiple disasters is that our policy makers have not and still will not do enough. It makes me angry and makes me feel powerless. Seems we all need to get angrier about this in order to provoke change. Spread the word