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Million Neighborhoods: Mapping Fast-Growing Urban Settlements

We’re proud to launch the Million Neighborhoods Map—a first-of-its-kind visual tool that provides a comprehensive look at informal settlements across Africa and the Global South, helping to identify communities most in need of roads, power, water, sanitation and other infrastructure. Spread the word

Empowering our children to change the world!

Learning for a Sustainable Future (LSF) and Dr. Ellen Field, Faculty of Education, Lakehead University have collaborated on the implementation of Canada’s first National Climate Change Education Survey. Spread the word

It’s the Environment, Stupid

There is a winning campaign theme that progressives can use against Trump, and it isn’t “Medicare for all.” I don’t know who sold progressive Democrats on the idea that the way to beat Donald Trump is to abolish the private health insurance of 160 million Americans and offer instead “Medicare for all” (and Mexico will […]

A National Mini-Conference: TOWARD A PLAN

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Agents of Change: Climate Solutions is an early-stage accelerator run by the Centre for Social Innovation’s Climate Ventures incubator for social enterprises reducing greenhouse gas emissions and tackling the climate crisis. Spread the word