Monthly Archives: November 2018

Financing Civic Futures – Building Civic Capital

On the occasion of the inaugural Future Cities Summit, we are sharing this provocation. At the Summit we have heard multifaceted perspectives on the great transition that our cities are facing, from addressing the challenges of the future of work, inequality, planning, affordability, climate change, resilience and next generation governance to name but a few. […]


Findings from an initial stocktake of climate change adaptation and urban resilience efforts “In 2015, nations reached a historic global agreement on climate change and made first commitments through the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) which outline their climate action ambition, addressing both climate change mitigation (or low emission development) and adaptation to climate change. Spread […]

25 Great Ideas of New Urbanism

This might not be directly related to Resilience 2 to 1, but material explored here is very valuable source of new ideas. [A.J.] The 25 ideas explored here highlight the ongoing impact of New Urbanism on communities and the built environment. Not all of these ideas were invented by new urbanists, but new urbanists have […]

How warm things will get by city in the USA

New article at VOX on how warm things will get by city in the USA. The overall conclusion is that the further north you go the more warming in summer and winter. That is especially true for Canada which is warming twice as much twice as fast as most places on earth. Spread the word