Why 2:1?

We have gone far enough
into climate change that cities,
regions, nations and the world
must adapt to changing ecosystems.
Yes, mitigation is still important but
adaption is required ultimately for
the survival of humans and other
species. This shift involves everything
we do from what we eat, to what
we wear, how we travel to work, shop,
live, raise children and educate.

As professionals and educators, we are concerned about the communication of the changes and shifts occurring now and into the future. This requires transformations in how we practice our various disciplines and in how we educate at all levels. In all sectors, every institutions’, cities’ and communities’ climate change will challenge us. As an organization we seek to enable all to address climate change, biodiversity and resilience.

As a network we seek to connect with any others who are working on the issues of resilience in southern Ontario. Take a look at the site. It contains information about research projects being done at colleges and universities. You can find out about individual members and their research interests. You can make connections to someone doing work that interests you. You can check out links for further information on resilience and resilience planning.

Resilience 2 to 1 Position Paper
Certificate of Incorporation


We hope to expand the network so feel free to contact us if you would like to join. Membership is free but it includes the ability to make connections across institutions, to do research, and to publish initial findings or links to your publications on this site. If you are working on resilience issues whether as an academic, professional, or community member we would love to hear from you, to work with you and to encourage you in your efforts. Join us as we seek to help everyone in southern Ontario and beyond become better at adapting to climate change.

What is Resilience and why 2:1?