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Climate Change and Food Security: Risks and Responses

The effects of climate change on our ecosystems are already severe and widespread, and ensuring food security in the face of climate change is among the most daunting challenges facing humankind. While some of the problems associated with climate change are emerging gradually, action is urgently needed now in order to allow enough time to […]

Random acts of Green

Random Acts of Green® brings businesses and people together in an online membership community that empowers collective climate action. We believe that any change – no matter how big or how small – can add up to make a big collective impact. Our community recognizes that we all have a part to play in protecting […]

Biodiversity is the key to life on Earth

Biodiversity is the key to life on Earth and reviving our damaged planet, says ecologist Thomas Crowther. Sharing the inside story of his headline-making research on reforestation, which led to the UN’s viral Trillion Trees Campaign, Crowther introduces Restor: an expansive, informative platform built to enable anyone, anywhere to help restore the biodiversity of Earth’s […]

Habitat, water security and air quality

New index reveals which sectors and countries are at risk from biodiversity loss Interesting summary of a report – pertains to Bill’s recent conversation starter. – Cheryl Spread the word

City of Brampton’s Climate Plan

Here’s how one city is doing it. I wonder if they might need some help with implementation? Christine Spread the word

Green Citizen Symposium

Hi all! Please take a look at our website for The Green Citizen: Recover, Renew Reshape, There day  online Symposium, to sign up for as many keynotes as you would like. Spread the word

This ecologist was told she could keep her natural garden. Here’s why she’s fighting city hall anyway

Nina-Marie Lister, an ecology and urban planning professor at Ryerson University, says she never asked for an exemption and she rejects it. Instead, she and her lawyer are arguing that the bylaw itself is unconstitutional and outdated, saying it goes against the city’s own pollinator protection and biodiversity strategies. Spread the word

Some thoughts on Resilience 2:1

It’s a conversation starter so the first target has to be media/conference/press opportunities. It’s also a challenge to collaborate with agencies with the interest/knowledge to enhance the measuring process. It’s an argument which encourages rebuttal/discussion/debate etc. but ultimately stands fast on its approach . I think it’s a winner for anyone who wants to take […]