Financially Viable Solutions That Work Now

These folks want to go beyond resilience to restoration of the whole climate. Interesting. Do-able? I hope, it would be exciting.

Financially Viable Solutions That Work Now
The Foundation for Climate Restoration is partnering with local governments, NGOs and communities around the world to launch financially viable ecosystem restoration projects to revive ocean dead zones, grow forests of seaweed and bring back fisheries.

At scale, fishery and marine ecosystem restoration projects can sequester up to 50 billion tons of atmospheric CO2 on the ocean floor every year, at the same time providing food security and tens of thousands of jobs. Reforestation and regenerative agriculture practices can restore healthy soils and sequester atmospheric CO2 as well.

We are also working on a plan to scale up the production of synthetic limestone from CO2 captured from the air. This limestone can then be sold as low-cost aggregate and sand for local consumption while providing tens of thousands of jobs and environmental benefits. At scale, this program can also sequester up to 50 billion tons of atmospheric CO2 into our built environment every year.

Much more information => Programs – Foundation for Climate Restoration

The Healthy Climate Alliance (HCA) is an education, networking, and advocacy program of the Foundation for Climate Restoration. HCA’s global dialogue unites the public, policy-makers, and technical and business experts to promote the shared goals of reversing global warming and restoring a healthy climate.

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