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Protecting just 1.2% of Earth’s land could save most-threatened species

Study identifies 16,825 sites around the world where prioritising conservation would prevent extinction of thousands of unique species. Protecting just 1.2% of the Earth’s surface for nature would be enough to prevent the extinction of the world’s most threatened species, according to a new study. Spread the word

AI is an energy hog. This is what it means for CLIMATE CHANGE.

If we build more fossil-fuel plants to meet our growing electricity demand, it’ll come with negative consequences for the climate. But if we use rising electricity demand as a catalyst to lean harder into renewable energy and other low-carbon power sources, and push AI to get more efficient, doing more with less energy, then we […]

Joy In The Park

One of the highlights of the event “Joy in the park” was the unveiling of Jamii’s new photo exhibition “Placemaking“, curated by Sabrine S Hakam, with artistic advisor Sarah S Ahmad, and showcasing the talent of seven local photographers. One of the selected photos is mine, “Beware of Artists, they mix with all classes of […]

How Solar Farms Help Us And The Bees

Here’s a sunny surprise: solar farms are not just powerhouses for clean energy but are also becoming havens for the bees! Recent research has revealed an exciting dual purpose for these energy fields—they’re helping reverse the decline of bee populations. In the prairies of Minnesota, solar farms have blossomed into vibrant ecosystems. Initiatives to intersperse […]

The 2024 climate crisis forecast

After the hottest year on record, what can we expect—and what must we accomplish—in the year ahead. Having clocked the hottest year ever in 2023, and hotter by much more than expected, people are more concerned than ever about what the future holds for us with respect to climate change. 2023 is the year that the […]

Building Resilience to Climate Change in Informal Settlements

Community and city government led measures to upgrade settlements can enhance resilience to climate change risks and serve vulnerable groups. Most upgrading programs were not designed as responses to climate change, but they can provide the foundation into which climate change resilience and disaster risk reduction can be fully integrated. Spread the word

MaRS Discovery District

Carbon dioxide emissions continue to rise. In 2022, emissions increased 0.9 percent, releasing 36.8 gigatonnes into the atmosphere. At 419 parts per million, the carbon levels in the Earth’s atmosphere are higher than they have been at any other time in the last 800,000 years, and a whopping 150 percent higher than they were at […]

Fighting Plastic

International Women’s Day originated at the dawn of the 20th century, a pivotal era marked by revolutionary ideals, sweeping transformations, and boundless expansion. A century ago, society was amid a profound period of progress and positive change. However, today — while the world grapples with shifting dynamics — these changes are not universally uplifting. Spread […]