• Welcome to the Green Citizen, a public outreach initiative of the Green Citizen Campaign
at Seneca College in Toronto, Canada.

• Teach Resiliency is designed to:
Develop, enhance and support teacher competencies

• Climate Action in Ontario: What’s Next?
2018 Greenhouse Gas Progress Report produced by Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

• Green New Deal for U.S. States
In support of a global project to fight climate change, two new studies by PERI researchers Robert Pollin, Heidi Garrett-Peltier, and Jeannette Wicks-Lim show how state-level policies can achieve three critical goals

• Revitalization News
The Journal of Urban, Rural & Environmental Resilience
Opportunities & resources for regenerating economies, heritage, agriculture & nature

Asbestos Safety Resource
Guide on why asbestos abatement should be left to professionals

Living with the medical consequences of asbestos exposure
Helping to bring you hope, faith, and action when navigating through mesothelioma.

Find a Leading Mesothelioma Lawyer in Your Area
Get the answers to any questions you have about asbestos, mesothelioma, legal representation, and compensation.

Mesothelioma Justice Network fights on behalf of patients, demanding justice from negligent asbestos companies. Know your legal rights and take action today.

Zizzo Strategy – Strategies to thrive in a climate-resilient future.

• Urban Squares Project
Research is done from a vintage point between art and science, which allows them to decipher and observe universal urban connections. The main body of the content is a collection of Urban Squares.