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Google is using AI to predict floods — and sending cash to people before disaster hits

The tech giant is partnering with GiveDirectly and the International Rescue Committee. It’s one example of using AI for good. When a disaster hits, it usually takes time for aid to arrive. But Google is now using AI to predict severe flooding in advance—and the company’s nonprofit arm is working with humanitarian organizations to give […]

Protecting just 1.2% of Earth’s land could save most-threatened species

Study identifies 16,825 sites around the world where prioritising conservation would prevent extinction of thousands of unique species. Protecting just 1.2% of the Earth’s surface for nature would be enough to prevent the extinction of the world’s most threatened species, according to a new study. Spread the word

Largest ever UN climate survey

Largest ever climate survey also finds majority want countries to set aside differences to fight global heating Most people in the world’s biggest fossil fuel producing countries want their countries to transition quickly to clean energy to fight the climate crisis, according to the largest ever climate opinion poll, conducted by the UN. Many of […]


To protect the health and livelihoods of women and vulnerable communities from extreme heat. We address climate-driven extreme heat through a gender lens, leaning on trusted partnerships, respecting local knowledge, championing equity, embracing the Humanitarian Priniciples, recognizing the power of women, taking immediate action that informs systems change, fostering mission-aligned relationships, ensuring integrity in financial […]

Climate Connections, Reimagine Resilience – Course

Learning & Training Climate Connections Course, Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) – This free, in-person, six-part course, developed by How We Thrive and hosted by HRM’s Environment and Climate Change team, takes place at the Halifax Central Library on Tuesdays at 7-8:30 pm from May 21-June 25. Learn about how climate change is impacting the HRM and what […]