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and it includes the ability
to make connections
across institutions, to do
research, and to publish
initial findings or links to
your publications on this site.

R2:1 incorporated in summer 2020, right
in the middle of the Covid19 crisis, itself an
exercise in resilience. Our goal is to become
the #1 site for climate change resilience in all
sectors of life, first in southern Ontario and
then expanding across Canada. Everyone is
welcome. Everyone can contribute. There are
a variety of skills, interests and passions that
can enable each of us to do better work no
matter what sector we focus on. Let us know
how we can enable your own work in increasing
resilience in Ontario and all across Canada.
Join with us to create a healthier future for
all Canadians. On this website we post short
bios of each member to help people connect
with one another. Would you please share
a short bio about yourself or your firm?
We also want to publish descriptions
of research and/or practice to also aid
connections and shared projects.

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Resilience 2:1 is a guiding principle based on the proportion of bio-capacity to carbon footprint. It goes beyond defences against the effects of climate change and instead works towards both mitigation and positive adaptation. We offer expertise across a variety of disciplines and together can evaluate, analyze, research, recommend and educate city and community leaders in the means to effectively respond to the opportunities and challenges of climate adaptation.