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How Solar Farms Help Us And The Bees

Here’s a sunny surprise: solar farms are not just powerhouses for clean energy but are also becoming havens for the bees! Recent research has revealed an exciting dual purpose for these energy fields—they’re helping reverse the decline of bee populations. In the prairies of Minnesota, solar farms have blossomed into vibrant ecosystems. Initiatives to intersperse […]

How Oil Companies Could End Up Footing Bill For Climate Disasters

For the first time, some state lawmakers are trying to turn that advanced modeling into policy. Lawmakers Hope To Use This Emerging Climate Science To Charge Oil Companies For Disasters. A fast-emerging field of climate research is helping scientists pinpoint just how many dollars from a natural disaster can be tied to the historic emissions […]

Recent reductions in aerosol emissions have increased Earth’s energy imbalance??

The Earth’s energy imbalance is the net radiative flux at the top-of-atmosphere. Climate model simulations suggest that the observed positive imbalance trend in the previous two decades is inconsistent with internal variability alone and caused by anthropogenic forcing and the resulting climate system response. Here, we investigate anthropogenic contributions to the imbalance trend using climate […]

The 2024 climate crisis forecast

After the hottest year on record, what can we expect—and what must we accomplish—in the year ahead. Having clocked the hottest year ever in 2023, and hotter by much more than expected, people are more concerned than ever about what the future holds for us with respect to climate change. 2023 is the year that the […]