Better World

Excellent initiative today, we should encourage more of this type of happenings!

Better World is UM’s global corporate social responsibility initiative that unites the family of UM offices under a single umbrella to inspire each other, share best practices, and create connections across borders. In 2016, Better World launched Impact Day, UM’s annual day of service when we close our offices and dedicate the day to giving back to our local communities. This year’s Global Impact Day will take place July 25, 2019.

“Impact Day has become an integral part of the DNA at UM, bonding employees to each other, to the agency and to their communities,” said Anthony Hello, Senior Vice President and Better World Global Chair, UM. “By inspiring change and making an impact within our local communities, this day of service truly embodies the better world we consistently strive to create. And it’s fun!”

In Toronto they participated in revitalizing Crombie Park in partnership with St. Lawrence Market Neighborhood BIA.

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