Monthly Archives: September 2020

Planetary ‘safety net’ could halt wildlife loss and slow climate breakdown

World leaders are preparing to join a key summit on biodiversity amid mounting evidence that governments are failing to halt the unprecedented loss of species around the world. Reminder we are having Resilience 2 to 1 Board Meeting later today! Spread the word

Happiness before economic growth

Deep in the Himalayas, on the border between China and India, lies the Kingdom of Bhutan, which has pledged to remain carbon neutral for all time. In this illuminating talk, Bhutan’s Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay shares his country’s mission to put happiness before economic growth and set a world standard for environmental preservation. Spread the […]

New Climate Maps

In the case of extreme warming (represented as RCP 8.5), the niche moves sharply toward Canada, leaving much of the lower half of the U.S. too hot or dry for the type of climate humans historically have lived in. Both scenarios suggest massive upheavals in where Americans currently live and grow food. Spread the word

The Global Climate Conference in Education 2020

As Resilience 2 to 1 Group is a valuable Signatory of the Global Climate Letter for Universities and Colleges (recognised partner to the Race to Zero by UNFCCC), we would like to personally invite you to attend The Global Climate Conference in Education 2020. Spread the word

Climate Change Will Force a New American Migration

Wildfires rage in the West. Hurricanes batter the East. Droughts and floods wreak damage throughout the nation. Life has become increasingly untenable in the hardest-hit areas, but if the people there move, where will everyone go? Spread the word

Daring Cities 2020 – for Urban Leaders on Climate Emergency

Daring Cities 2020. Hundreds of city leaders, practitioners, researchers, and experts, all sharing how we can take radical action in our cities, towns and regions to tackle the climate emergency. Spread the word

Ecological Threat Register 2020

“Ecological threats and climate change pose serious challenges to global peacefulness. Over the next 30 years lack of access to food and water will only increase without urgent global cooperation. In the absence of action civil unrest, riots and conflict will most likely increase. COVID-19 is already exposing gaps in the global food chain”. Spread […]

WWF: Canada endangered species face ‘staggering losses’ – BBC News

Canadian wildlife at risk of extinction has undergone “staggering” losses over the past 50 years, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) conservation group says. Spread the word