Largest ever UN climate survey

Most people in petrostates want quick switch to clean energy, UN poll finds

Largest ever climate survey also finds majority want countries to set aside differences to fight global heating

Most people in the world’s biggest fossil fuel producing countries want their countries to transition quickly to clean energy to fight the climate crisis, according to the largest ever climate opinion poll, conducted by the UN.

Many of these states have profited heavily from fossil fuel exploitation, but the 77-nation poll shows their citizens are deeply concerned about the impacts of global heating on their lives. In China and India, the biggest coal producers, 80% and 76% respectively want a quick green transition.

In the US, the world’s biggest oil and gas producer, 54% of people want a fast transition, as do 75% of those in Saudi Arabia, the second biggest oil producer. The poll also found 69% of Australians want a quick transition away from its large coal and gas sector.

The UN Development Programme said the purpose of the poll was to show political leaders what millions of people around the world felt about the climate emergency, and what action they wanted taken. “It is so important we let the people speak for themselves,” said Achim Steiner, the UNDP head.

The poll questioned 75,000 people in countries representing almost 90% of the global population. It found a large majority (80%) wanted their countries to strengthen their climate change commitments, with only 5% saying their country should weaken its action.

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