Google is using AI to predict floods — and sending cash to people before disaster hits

Great story too on how Google’s nonprofit is using AI to predict flooding. And then they pay people before the flood so that they can prepare. Radical.


The tech giant is partnering with GiveDirectly and the International Rescue Committee. It’s one example of using AI for good.

When a disaster hits, it usually takes time for aid to arrive. But Google is now using AI to predict severe flooding in advance—and the company’s nonprofit arm is working with humanitarian organizations to give people cash to prepare in the days before a flood happens.

This summer, two nonprofits will begin rolling out the program in Nigeria, where climate change is raising the risk of extreme flooding. is giving $4.6 million to the International Rescue Committee and GiveDirectly. The groups will in turn send cash to 7,500 people.

“During flood season, we’ll be using Google’s AI model, as well as government data, to monitor for flood risk and figure out in real time which communities are most exposed to an oncoming flood,” says Vera Lummis, Senior Manager, Digital Innovation at GiveDirectly. “Using digital cash technology, we can send them payments straight into their bank account within a day. That enables us to reach people in advance of the flood.”

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