Habitat, water security and air quality

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New index reveals which sectors and countries are at risk from biodiversity loss

Swiss Re Institute’s Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Index analysis highlights which economic sectors are most reliant on nature and the exposure each country has to biodiversity and ecosystems services decline.

Countries around the world depend on a range of vital natural services to help maintain the health and stability of their communities and economies. Better known as biodiversity and ecosystem services, these include food provision, water security and regulation of local air quality among others.

These services underpin all economic activity in our societies globally. Assessing biodiversity risks is complex, however, as there is a massive underlying collection of risks. To build understanding of this global issue and foster dialogue around biodiversity, Swiss Re Institute has developed a new Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (BES) Index.

“There is a clear need to assess the state of ecosystems so that the global community can minimise further negative impact on economies across the world. This important piece of work provides a data-driven foundation for understanding the economic risks of deteriorating biodiversity and ecosystems.”

Complete report by Christian Mumenthaler, Group CEO, Swiss Re



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