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‘We create changemakers’: the new UK college dedicated to climate crisis

The lecture theatre was once a cowshed, the study centre is an old farmhouse living room and the classrooms are mostly outdoors: welcome to the newest higher educational college in Britain. The former farm that is Black Mountains College campus is a core part of an insurgent institution that is the first entirely dedicated to adapting […]

The Secret to Making Concrete That Lasts 1,000 Years

Scientists have uncovered the Roman recipe for self-repairing cement—which could massively reduce the carbon footprint of the material today. Currently, concrete is second only to water as the world’s most consumed material, and making it accounts for about 7 percent of global emissions. Patents have now been secured by MIT. Masic says a company will […]

Food Security

SPECIAL REPORT ON CLIMATE CHANGE AND LAND. Observed climate change is already affecting food security through increasing temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, and greater frequency of some extreme events (high confidence). Studies that separate out climate change from other factors affecting crop yields have shown that yields of some crops (e.g., maize and wheat) in many lower-latitude […]


The climate crisis is the defining challenge of our lifetimes. Its scale defies comprehension, and conceals its true nature – not as one gigantic issue, but as many. Even those of us who accept the science and urgency of the climate crisis can struggle to act on our own knowledge and values. No matter who […]

Agents of change

On a snow-flecked Sunday afternoon in mid-December, Paul Dowsett gathered a group of neighbours in his backyard for a toast. Although the event featured mulled wine and a crackling bonfire, this was no holiday party. Rather, it was an event to celebrate homeowners in the Pocket — an east Toronto neighbourhood — who have committed to […]

Responses to climate change: a global survey

Climate change has important implications for the health and futures of children and young people, yet they have little power to limit its harm, making them vulnerable to climate anxiety. This is the first large-scale investigation of climate anxiety in children and young people globally and its relationship with perceived government response. Spread the word

Evil Forces to Conquer – Polluters

Hello Resilience 2:1 members, I would like to start New Year with the observation influenced by Eco-Anxiety by youngest generation around us. We are definitely all in this together but I am not sure that we are aware of the responsibility for the world we are leaving behind. I am planning to prepare much more […]

College Textbooks Cover the Climate Crisis Less Than They Did Before 2010

Coverage of climate solutions dropped to 3 percent of the total content on climate change from 15 percent in the 90s. This story was produced by The Hechinger Report, a nonprofit, independent news organization focused on inequality and innovation in education. Evidence is mounting fast of the devastating consequences of climate change on the planet, but college […]