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Beware climate populism

The climate crisis is turning more severe with every passing year, and we are coming close to a point where it would no longer be possible to ignore or deny its existence. Sea levels rise, weather conditions become ever more extreme, oscillating between drought and torrent. Crops die en masse, reducing access to goods and […]

Green Initiatives – WMCC

This unique nature school located on Toronto Island and serving the waterfront community will celebrate its 50th year of operations. Over the last 7 years, two of my granddaughters have had an exceptional experience there. The unique natural environment on the island offsets the urban reality of living downtown, allowing children to experience daily interactions […]

FOLLOW THIS. Green shareholders change the world

The oil industry can make or break the Paris climate agreement. But we have the power to change oil companies from within – as shareholders. Follow This unites responsible shareholders to push Big Oil to go green. Business as usual is over. Spread the word


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Sustainability and Education Policy Network-Canada, Final Reports

These reports summarize synthesized findings from across the policy analysis, survey, and site visit case studies carried about by the SEPN-Canada project.  There are separate reports for primary/secondary education and higher education. Companion reports outlining policy and practice examples across whole institution domains are also available. The examples in the reports are drawn from the […]

Outcome of the first global stocktake – COP28

The Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement, Recalling Article 2, paragraph 1, of the Paris Agreement, which provides that the Agreement, in enhancing the implementation of the Convention, including its objective, aims to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change, in the context […]


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Obstacles to action on climate change, all over the world

Climate accountability — investigating and understanding the various drivers of delay on climate action — is critical to understanding and addressing climate change. Our work includes both print and audio stories, and beginning in 2023, we also began co-publishing with a variety of other publications. We work with partners in a variety of ways, from […]