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Waste Management Guide 2020

What a smart move by the City of Toronto! We just received this guide of how to Reduce – Reuse – Repair – Repurpose our waste. To stop treating our recycling like garbage.

Scientists have gotten predictions of global warming right since the 1970s

The first systematic review finds that climate models have been remarkably accurate There are dozens of disciplines and subdisciplines within the broad ambit of climate science, studying everything from ancient geology to the spread of disease. But one discipline in particular is exposed to intense public scrutiny, the subject of long-running political and legal disputes: […]

Resilience 2 to 1 group signatory to the Global Climate Letter

We are writing to you as your institution is a signatory to the Global Climate Letter and this is being profiled at COP25 in Madrid over the next few days.

Managing climate risks

Although adaptation made it onto the international agenda and was enshrined in the Paris climate agreement, Jo-Ellen Parry, an adaptation specialist at the International Institute for Sustainable Development, says there was originally strong pushback.

Launchpad for Significantly more Climate Ambition

As the global climate emergency intensifies and greenhouse gas emissions continue to grow, governments will gather in Madrid for the UN Climate Change Conference COP25 (2 to 13 December 2019) to take the next crucial steps in the UN climate change process.

Revolutionary recycling? A new technology turns everyday trash into plastic treasure

Eight tons of trash are piled high at the entrance of a small factory in this tree-lined kibbutz — rotting food mixed with plastic bags, dirty paper, castoff bottles and containers, even broken toys. But nothing is headed for a landfill. Instead, what’s next is a process that could revolutionize recycling.

Map of Canada shows what each province thinks of climate change

A recent study by Yale University is really showing the divide between Canadians who believe that climate change is a real thing, and those who are in climate change denial.

Million Neighborhoods: Mapping Fast-Growing Urban Settlements

We’re proud to launch the Million Neighborhoods Map—a first-of-its-kind visual tool that provides a comprehensive look at informal settlements across Africa and the Global South, helping to identify communities most in need of roads, power, water, sanitation and other infrastructure.