Financing Civic Futures – Building Civic Capital

On the occasion of the inaugural Future Cities Summit, we are sharing this provocation. At the Summit we have heard multifaceted perspectives on the great transition that our cities are facing, from addressing the challenges of the future of work, inequality, planning, affordability, climate change, resilience and next generation governance to name but a few. Many of these challenges are underpinned by a need to invest in our civics, commons and public goods — be it preventative health or our environmental biosphere. The purpose of this provocation is not to provide answers (yet!), but rather to stimulate and acknowledge the need for a new conversation, share some real-world examples and share the pathway for a new collaborative lab.
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This piece has been co-authored by Chloe Treger, Ian Bird, Indy Johar , Jayne Engle, Mallory Willson, Laurence Miall, Patrick Dubé, Robert Plitt, Sophie Mechin and Sara Lyons.
Civic Capital Lab is being formed as part of the Future Cities Canada initiative under the collaborative leadership & direction of Community Foundations of Canada, Maison de l’Innovation Sociale, MaRs, McConnell Foundation and Dark Matter Laboratories.

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