Climate change: Five cheap ways to remove CO2 from the atmosphere

New assessment from the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine

1- Coastal blue carbon
This report says that there is a lot of potential for increasing the amount of carbon that is stored in living plants and sediments found in the marshy lands near the sea shore and on the edges of river estuaries. =>more
2 – Planting trees
Global deforestation has been a significant factor in driving up emissions of carbon, so researchers feel that planting new trees or restoring lost areas is a simple and cheap technology that could be expanding right now. => more
3 – Forest management
As well as planting more trees, the report says that we need to manage our existing forests in a better way to remove more carbon. This can also be done for less than $20 per tonne of CO2.
4 – Agricultural practices
The report says that some simple changes in the way farmers manage their land can be a cheap and effective way of removing carbon from the air.
5 – Biomass energy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS)
The idea of BECCS is to grow energy crops that soak up carbon, which are then burned to create electricity while the emitted CO2 gas is captured and buried permanently underground.


This US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
report is available for purchase or as a free PDF document: Negative Emissions Technologies and Reliable Sequestration – A Research Agenda (2018)

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