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DEEP RESILIENCE: Our “Hotter, Wetter, Wilder” Challenge

We would like to remind  you about a special event on resilience planning for Canada and southern Ontario. Please send this announcement on and make it known to anyone you think might be interested and would benefit from attending.

Use, Management and Conservation of Buildings of Historical Value 14 & 15th, November 2018, Hofburg, Vienna, Austria

Just in case anybody is interested. I have received  an invitation: 7th European Congress on the Use, Management and Conservation of Buildings of Historical Value 14 and 15th, November 2018, Hofburg, Vienna, Austria

Importance of RESILIENCE for young generations

The homegrown outdoor exhibition held on the Toronto Islands will fill the islands’ natural spaces with thought-provoking sculpture and installations. ROGUE WAVE 2018 challenges artists to create pieces that respond to our changing relationships with water and land.

Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change

Summary for Policymakers of IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5oC approved by governments Limiting global warming to 1.5oC would require rapid, far- reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society, the IPCC said in a new assessment.

Sidewalk Toronto – Small Grants Program

We’re commissioning exciting new research about cities. Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs in partnership with the Toronto Foundation are providing small research grants to support and enrich the creation of their Master Innovation and Development Plan (MIDP) for Sidewalk Toronto.

SISU – this is what we need

SISU is an untranslatable Finnish term that blends RESILIENCE, tenacity, persistence, determination, perseverance and sustained, rather than momentary, courage: the psychological strength to ensure that regardless of the cost or the consequences, what has to be done will be done.

7. European Congress on use, management and conservation of buildings of historical value

Born in the past, used today, preserved for the future. 14-15 November 2018, Hofburg Wien, Ostereich

Google announces it will build Toronto’s neighbourhood of the future!

This will mark the biggest project tackled by Sidewalk Labs to date, according to Reuters, and the citizens of Toronto are here for it. Sidewalk Labs describes itself as a company that “imagines, designs, tests, and builds urban innovations to help cities meet their biggest challenges.”