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International Network of Cities Where Living is Good

The Slow Cities movement promotes the use of technology oriented to improving the quality of the environment and of the urban fabric, and in addition the safe-guarding of the production of unique foods and wine that contribute to the character of the region.

Hitting toughest climate target will save world $30tn in damages, analysis shows

Almost all nations would benefit economically from keeping global warming to 1.5C, a new study indicates. Achieving the toughest climate change target set in the global Paris agreement will save the world about $30tn in damages, far more than the costs of cutting carbon emissions, according to a new economic analysis.

About aims to support building community resilience in a world of multiple emerging challenges: the decline of cheap energy, the depletion of critical resources like water, complex environmental crises like climate change and biodiversity loss, and the social and economic issues which are linked to these.

5 Years: A Growing and Evolving Resilience Movement

5 Years: A Growing and Evolving Resilience Movement We asked our Chief Resilience Officers to reflect on the past 5 years and share their hopes for the next 5 years; we asked Mayors from Paris, Pittsburgh, Toyama, and Santa Fe to share their cities’ resilience journeys; and we asked Platform Partners Wood and EY to […]

Fight Grows Over Who Owns Real Estate Drowned by Climate

One April morning in 2016, Daryl Carpenter, a charter boat captain out of Grand Isle, La., took some clients to catch redfish on a marsh pond that didn’t use to exist. Coastal erosion and rising seas are submerging a football field’s worth of Louisiana land every hour, creating and expanding …

Asbestos Safety Resource

We recently created a guide on why asbestos abatement should be left to professionals and were wondering if you’d be interested in including it as a resource to help people understand why it’s dangerous to remove asbestos on their own. Please take a look at it and let me know what you think!

Using software to measure the Urban Footprint

Using software to measure the Urban Footprint Peter Calthorpe and his partner Joe DiStefano have a venture-capital funded startup designed to provide municipalities, non-governmental organizations, developers, and design and planning firms with a powerful cloud-based software tool for planning walkable, transit-served communities.

Ready to be introduced to the world

Hi All: Aleks and Hadi have done a fantastic job on the website. We are ready to be introduced to the world, well at least the world of southern Ontario. For that we need everyone to act as recruiters. The more members we have the further we can push the conversation in Ontario on resilience […]