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Why Big Banks Are Accused Of Funding The Climate Crisis

To save the world, we must follow the money, climate campaigners say. Rachel Heaton understands better than most the power banks have to shape our world. Heaton, a member of the Muckleshoot tribe, started to make the connection between money and climate change as an activist against the oil pipeline at Standing Rock, North Dakota.

Some economics nerds just realized how much climate change will cost us

A bunch of economists just put down their calculators and concluded that we should act on climate change sooner rather than later. Really.

Bad ancestors: does the climate crisis violate the rights of those yet to be born?

Our environmental vandalism has made urgent the question of ethical responsibilities across decades and centuries What if climate breakdown is a violation of the rights of those yet to be born? Finally, this urgent question seems to be getting the attention it deserves. Last month an astonishing 7 million people from nearly 200 countries took […]

Be a good ancestor

Thousands of people are on the streets of Toronto in support of the Global Climate Strike movement. I just came back with some exciting photos!

It’s the Environment, Stupid

There is a winning campaign theme that progressives can use against Trump, and it isn’t “Medicare for all.” I don’t know who sold progressive Democrats on the idea that the way to beat Donald Trump is to abolish the private health insurance of 160 million Americans and offer instead “Medicare for all” (and Mexico will […]

Another day of dramatic climate action

The global youth climate strike on Friday, September 20, drew millions to the streets in more than 150 countries to protest weak corporate and government action on climate change. On Monday, activists kept up the pressure by blocking intersections in Washington, DC, and demonstrating in New York as the United Nations met for the Climate […]

Ozone Layer Preservation Day – 16 September

CAMS monitors a very unusual 2019 ozone hole Less than one month into the 2019 Antarctic ozone hole season, the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) has observed that this year’s hole is currently decreasing in size and will rapidly continue to do so over the next three days to reach an unprecedentedly small area for […]

Environment and intelligence

Environment and intelligence research investigates the impact of environment on intelligence. This is one of the most important factors in understanding human group differences in IQ test scores and other measures of cognitive ability. It is estimated that genes contribute about 20–40% of the variance in intelligence in childhood and about 80% in old age.