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Power Up, book by Yasmin Ali

Excited to share my thoughts on ‘Power Up: An Engineer’s Adventures into Sustainable Energy’ by Yasmin Ali. This book offers a captivating journey into the world of sustainable energy, exploring the crucial role engineers play in combating climate change. Ali’s narrative not only highlights the pressing need for clean energy solutions but also showcases the […]

Obstacles to action on climate change, all over the world

Climate accountability — investigating and understanding the various drivers of delay on climate action — is critical to understanding and addressing climate change. Our work includes both print and audio stories, and beginning in 2023, we also began co-publishing with a variety of other publications. We work with partners in a variety of ways, from […]

Mass Timber 2023 – Magazine

Our annual issue covering all things mass timber is here! We take a deep dive into the industry right now, mapping new and exciting manufacturers, think tanks, organizations and schools, as well as provide coverage of successful new case studies. As mass timber continues to revolutionize the AEC industry, this issue is your of-the-moment guide […]

The Sustainable Utilization of Wood in Construction

Analysts have calculated that utilizing wood in 80% of new residential building projects in Europe alone would absorb 55 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). This would effectively halve the CO2 annual emissions caused by the construction industry in Europe. Meanwhile, supply chain issues, rising energy costs, and scarcity of materials highlight a need for […]

What is Resilience? A Framework for Weathering Stormy Times

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