Joy In The Park

One of the highlights of the event “Joy in the park” was the unveiling of Jamii’s new photo exhibition “Placemaking“, curated by Sabrine S Hakam, with artistic advisor Sarah S Ahmad, and showcasing the talent of seven local photographers. One of the selected photos is mine, “Beware of Artists, they mix with all classes of society and are therefore the most dangerous“.

The exhibition explores the concept of ‘making space’ for underrepresented groups or ideas to shine in public areas. The selected photographs present a compelling narrative of human behaviour within community spaces. I am pleased to belong to this community and contribute to the wellbeing of all of us. Jamii is making us proud, this type of practise are making cities dynamic and livable. It is rejuvenated, encouraging the change and blending old and new.

Swahili word jamii is female name meaning beautiful. It represents the desire not just for personal success but for leaving a mark on the world. Also means club, community, group, party, society or union. Jamii, founded in 2011, is a not-for-profit arts organization based in the Esplanade community, Toronto, with vision to enhance togetherness within the communities we engage. They initiate, welcome, enable, facilitate and produce creative experiences, arts events and workshops with, for and by the people of the Esplanade and beyond with an intent of creating shared memories.

The Esplanade and David Crombie Park where all of this is happening is additional story. David Crombie along with John Sewell, including urban reformer Jane Jacobs, became a leader in a grassroots movement that favoured curtailing development in favour of improving social services and prioritizing community interests. The Esplanade was among those selected for redevelopment. Crombie park is stretching along half of The Esplanade, from St. Lawrence market to the Distillery District.

=> Jamii  not-for-profit arts organization

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