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FOR OVER 50 YEARS, Waterfront Montessori Children’s Centre (WMCC), program has taught children to love-and-learn through nature, engage in environmental stewardship and promote peaceful awareness. As children recycle and repair books and puzzles, clean up the beach, help one another, and ride the Dutch bike-bus they learn to respect and cherish their amazing world.


Over the past few years, WMCC has engaged Toronto Parks and the Island Public School to collaborate on a project to reintroduce native plants, trees and bushes into the large meadow that abuts the school grounds. We plan to increase our efforts by planting more native species and removing invasive species. WMCC children have created bird and bat houses to place around the islands, as well as, “seedballs” – mud balls infused with native seeds – that were thrown into the meadow during a spring planting effort with wonderful Toronto Parks liaison, Janet Harvey.

WMCC was a pioneer in switching its transportation system to a natural one. In lieu of a gas-powered school bus, we chose a pedal-powered, Dutch bike-bus to transport children from the ferry dock to school and back again. By making this choice, we reduced long-term costs and improved the health of all WMCC members.

A year prior to the bike-bus initiative, the staff and children created a Peace Pole inscribed with “Peace on Earth” in as many languages as possible that was erected outside the school grounds and commemorated in a ceremony with the Toronto Island community. At summer camp sessions, children learn to plant their own garden and cook with the bounty of their harvest.
This unique nature school located on Toronto Island and serving the waterfront community will celebrate its 50th year of operations. Over the last 7 years, two of my granddaughters have had an exceptional experience there. The unique natural environment on the island offsets the urban reality of living downtown, allowing children to experience daily interactions with wildlife, a car-free community and an exciting journey across the lake in all weather conditions. Follow this link to find out more about WMCC =>

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