Climate Action Conference

My job is to send them off, motivated and informed to move as quickly as possible in both reducing emissions and engaging in actions to promote adaptation to climate extremes. This is where I will be speaking on Sept. 22, 2023 – Cheryl

Welcome/Keynote Address:
Getting to Net-Zero Emissions: why it’s important and how we can do it
In April 2007, Carl became one of the first Canadians to be personally trained by former US Vice President Al Gore to present live versions of his Academy Award-winning slideshow. Since then, Carl has worked as a speaker, writer and sustainability consultant, helping people and organizations save money, energy and our environment. He’s presented to over 400 audiences, and his column Green Ideas ran for 10 years in New Brunswick dailies.

Welcome/Keynote Address:
Empowering Youth to Take Action on Climate Change Through Education
Geoff McDonald, Executive Director of the Gaia Project (
The Gaia Project uses a unique approach to empower youth to take action incorporating inquiry-based education, curriculum links, and local action in each of their projects.

Closing Keynote:
Meeting the Challenge of Climate Change Adaptation
Dr. Cheryl Bradbee, UNB Faculty of Engineering
Dr. Bradbee has taught Urban Planning in Ontario and now works as Instructional Designer with the UNB Faculty Engineering. Dr. Bradbee puts climate adaptation at the forefront of the courses she develops and is keenly interested in how post secondary education must transform to meet the new challenges. Dr. Bradbee will highlight the urgency of the situation and the need for planners, engineers, and decision makers to rethink what we do and form the basis for cooperative efforts and innovation to meet the transformation that will be required.



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