This heatwave is a climate omen

I know I’ve struggled with both alarm and despair this summer. The bad news seems relentless. The destruction of life and property amazing in scope. And crop failures will continue to impact us into the winter. What is truly worrying is that this is just the start of it all. How bad can it get? I honestly don’t want to know. But climate scientists say all is not lost and we need to get on with it – severely limit burning fossil fuels. There is no time to waste at this point. We have seen the future and its hot. We know what needs to change and must make it happen. Cheryl

This heatwave is a climate omen. But it’s not too late to change course

Michael Mann and Susan Joy Hassol

The warming of the planet – including the most up-to-date data for 2023 – is entirely consistent with what climate modelers warned decades ago.Thirty years ago, the world’s nations agreed to prevent dangerous human interference with the climate system. But what is “dangerous climate change”? Just turn on the television, read the headlines of the morning paper or view your social media feeds. For we are watching it play out in real time this summer, more profoundly than ever before, in the form of unprecedented floods, heatwaves and wildfires. Now we know what dangerous climate change looks like. As has been said of obscenity, we know it when we see it. We’re seeing it – and it is obscene.

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