Impacts of plastic pollution

is changing human attitudes about and behaviour toward  plastics and reducing plastic pollution. The End Plastic Pollution campaign helps people understand the impacts of plastic pollution on human and ecosystem health and how everyday actions can lessen the problem.
The campaign draws attention to the harmful effects of plastic in our environment — harming marine and human health, littering beaches and landscapes, clogging waste streams and landfills — and empowers people to make a difference.

Unfortunately, single-use plastics are so prevalent that trying to avoid them can seem hopeless. That’s why our campaign also focuses on systematic problems of plastic use, including the large-scale sources of plastic.

End Plastic Pollution informs policymakers and contributes to the international discussion on plastic pollution and its causes, including pushing for national legislation and corporate commitments.

EARTHDAY.ORG also engages with and informs a global network of NGOs, grassroots organizations, campus youth, mayors and other local elected leaders, faith leaders, artists and athletes, and students and teachers.

The End Plastic Pollution campaign elevates the issue of plastic pollution in the global agenda and demands effective action to reduce and control it.

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