Voices of Resilience Project

Few days ago first draft of our Business Plan for Voices of Resilience Project was finished. Read bellow key points of the plan. Whole Business Plan is available here. Please let us know if you would like to get engaged and make your contribution to the Voices of Resilience Project.
R2:1 Board


Project objectives
• Provide a space for community participants to share content on climate change and how to be resilient in the face of climate change
• Provide for the exchange of ideas, sharing, and learning around resilience and climate change
Business description
VOR [Voices of Resilience] is a platform for community members to upload content on climate change 
and climate change resilience
• Currently there are no such community member platforms for this topic
VOR is a project of R2:1, which has a website dedicated to providing articles to academics on climate change and climate change resilience
VOR is geared toward university and college students in Canada but is open to content provided by creators of any age
VOR and R2:1 are completely online/remote businesses
R2:1 is a non-profit registered in Canada
VOR is about the sharing of information
VOR is a conversation and the discovery of resilience

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