Environmental science lesson for kids, summer nature program

Yesterday Resilience 2 to 1 received encouraging message regarding our activities. Take a look, really something we should all be proud of!

Good Afternoon,
I wanted to send some positive feedback – I was teaching an environmental science lesson to the kids in my summer nature program, and when they were doing a sustainability webquest they ended up on the Resilience 2 to 1 Resources webpage. They thought I should tell you we were using it as a resource and found some great information so thanks 🙂

They also decided it would be nice of us to return the favor, so I had them pick out a good resource for us to share with you! Part of their project was learning about steps we can take at home to be more eco-friendly, and they picked out a great guide to being green at home….

“Guide to Going Green at Home”


It’s great for kids – we were most interested in learning about reducing our footprint, so they thought it’d be a helpful link for you to add to your resources page they found… would you be able to? They’d be so proud and I’d love to show them their suggestion 🙂 Thanks so much again and have a wonderful week!!

Ms. Platt & Jessica, Jocelyn, Adam, and Madalyn

FOBM – the Friends of Bay Minette, Alabama [ https://fobm.org ]
We are a circle of people who care deeply about maintaining the biodiversity in our area, an ecosystem that needs our assistance to survive in the new world we have shaped.

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