Psychological Roots of the Climate Crisis

I just finished already mentioned book Psychological roots of the climate crisis – Neoliberal exceptionalism and the culture of uncare, by Sally Weintrobe. I am highly recommending this book to anyone dealing with any aspect of Climate Crisis, being personal or professional. I am quoting here very last paragraph of the conclusion:


“Crying and grieving for the state of earth can energize our sense of lively entitlement to repair and protect her. Indeed, we cry when we feel real loss of what we love. Children are rightly saying the earth is on fire and their wise prescription is to COOL IT (written on a banner at a recent school strike for climate). Children are our best source of hope because we love them, and because they are more realistic than most of us are. While many of us sink into despair because the environment and the climate system are now damaged, many children and young people accept the damage more. They are the realists. They, who will have to live in a damaged world, need our support to stop further damage and make the world as liveable as possible. The danger is that unless we break with Exceptionalism and mourn our exaggerated sense of narcissistic entitlement, we may pay them lip service with kind words but throw them overboard as our zone of sacrifice while we carry on with carbon-intensive life as usual.”

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