Reminders for COP26 in Glasgow

We, as Resilience 2:1 organization, received two reminders about upcoming COP26. Of course any additional information or comments are welcome. First one is from ICLEI and the second one from EAUC . They both deserve attention from all of the members. Here they are:

#01. Sunday kicks off the COP26 climate negotiations process in Glasgow. Two negotiation areas that have the world holding their breath are those on new, improved Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and implementation of the developed nations’ $100 billion climate finance commitment. Alongside these pivotal talks, a myriad of events await COP26 attendees.

The Multilevel Action Pavilion will be where cities, regions and other subnationals gather both online and in-person. Don’t miss these eight Multilevel Action Pavilion events this November.

=> More about this event
=> To join this event and register

#02. As UN Observers at COP26, representing the EAUC Community of over 7000, the EAUC delegation of staff, trustees, fellows and Student Climate Commissioners will be in Glasgow to ensure that education is at the heart of climate action!

We have been working hard to ensure that UK and Irish Governments establish policies and funding that will enable universities and colleges to lead on implementable and aggressive emissions reduction policies. We will also address climate governance and sustainability in education that students urgently need to create a world with a safer climate.

=> More about EAUC participation
=> Climate impact forum
=> EAUC’s COP26 Campaign


=> Main link for COP26 [United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021 – Glasgow]


Please do not hesitate to contact Resilience 2:1 with any additional information or comments.

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