Ten reasons to be hopeful about climate action

If you haven’t seen this optimistic David Suzuki Foundation article already it is worth reading the full text. Just to be encouraged to proceed with the our efforts. Aleks

Advocating for climate action can be discouraging and demoralizing at times. Grief, fear and injustice are woven into the harsh reality of a changing climate. It’s real, and we’re not here to dismiss it with toxic positivity.

But there are good reasons to hope that we can increase Canada’s climate ambition and get on track to doing our fair share in the global effort to prevent climate catastrophe. So, let’s dive in.

#01 – The cost of renewables and energy storage is dropping rapidly
#02 – Public opinion is on our side. Canadians want bold climate action
#03 – The kids are all right. The youth climate movement is not backing down
#04 – The Supreme Court affirmed that climate change is an emergency
#05 – Indigenous communities are taking energy and climate issues into their own hands
#06 – Canada has a strengthened climate plan and significant funding to implement it
#07 – Cities and towns are demonstrating leadership in climate action
#08 – The U.S. has stepped up its ambition and is normalizing bold action
#09 – Climate action creates millions of jobs — and everyone wants jobs
#10 – Centering equity in climate action will help address systemic causes and interconnected injustices

Canada’s progress on climate change continues to be dangerously slow. We have not set a target ambitious enough to do our fair share to address the climate crisis. Over the past decade, Canada was the only country in the G7 whose emissions continued to climb. Even as our climate ambition increases, we continue to invest in expanding oil and gas infrastructure rather than managing the industry’s inevitable and necessary decline.

Our collective call for urgent, bold and ambitious climate action is essential. The reasons for hope outlined here indicate to us that the opportunity is here to finally start driving down emissions and begin the transition to a clean, just and renewable future.

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