Climate Action Toolkit

This is perfect example what Universities in UK are doing regarding Climate Change Education. Something similar we should have in mind, what do you think? Aleks

Climate Climate Commission launch Climate Action Toolkit to help Vice-Chancellors, Governors and Senior Leadership Teams in universities in tackling the climate emergency

The Climate Commission for Higher and Further Education Students and Leaders is delighted to announce the launch of the Higher Education Climate Action Toolkit at the Universities UK Conference – The role of universities in tackling the climate emergency.

With 91% of students being fairly or very concerned about climate change it is essential university executives take action seriously to meet student needs.

The first of its kind, the Toolkit identifies HE-specific critical elements Vice-Chancellors and Governors should consider in order to advance sustainability and respond to the climate crisis.

The critical elements identified in the toolkit will support universities to:

• Prepare staff and students to cope, thrive and move responsibly in a changing world, for example equip students with employable skills
• Protect biodiversity
• Work toward climate and social justice
• Lower and eliminate scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions

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