UN Climate Ambition Summit

I am writing to you as you are a Network Signatory for the Global Universities and Colleges Climate Letter – https://www.sdgaccord.org/climateletter.

As part of being a Network Signatory I am asking you to help us push for more universities and colleges across the world to sign up and be part of the Race to Zero. The Global Climate Letter is now the official partner to the UNFCCC Race to Zero.

On Saturday 12th December the United Nations are convening the Climate Ambition Summit, in partnership with UK, France, Chile and Italy. This is a monumental step towards COP26. This is bringing leaders together to declare greater ambitions to meet and deliver the Paris Agreement. You can watch the summit here

We need to take action now and universities and colleges have to step up to their responsibilities as part of these ambitions.

Universities and colleges must be ambitious when it comes to tackling the climate crisis. One of the most important steps is to commit to the Global Climate Letter and the Race to Net Zero – find out more here

Thank you for your continued support. Kind regards
Fiona Goodwin
Director of Operations and Planning
EAUC – The Alliance for Sustainability Leadership in Education

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