Globally our waste levels increase by 30% during Holiday Season

This is very interesting and very practical Canadian initiative by Random Acts of Green bringing businesses and people together in a community that empowers collective climate action. [A. Janicijevic]

Do you want to be on the planet’s “Nice List” this year?

Then join us for our Jolly Green Holiday Challenge.

We’ll be singing a new Christmas Carol for climate action this season…
And we’ll encourage a Greener Christmas.


Because here at Resilience 2:1 we know it’s unsustainable to continue with holiday traditions that promote the irresponsible use of our finite natural resources.

Let’s work together to shift the holiday narrative from wasteful to impactful.
Here at Random Acts of Green, we believe it’s time to rethink environmentally harmful holiday rituals and traditions.

Join us for our Jolly Green Holiday Challenge.

We’ll showcase how we can celebrate the holiday season this year with less damage to our shared home.

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