Green Infrastructure Ontario

Green Infrastructure Ontario (GIO) Coalition is an alliance of organizations that share a common vision for a healthy, green Ontario where the economic, social, environmental and health benefits of green infrastructure are fully realized.

Green infrastructure is defined as the natural vegetative systems and green technologies that collectively provide society with a multitude of economic, environmental and social benefits. This includes:

  • Urban forests and woodlots
  • Bioswales, engineered wetlands and stormwater ponds
  • Wetlands, ravines, waterways and riparian zones
  • Meadows and agricultural lands
  • Green roofs and green walls
  • Urban agriculture
  • Parks, gardens and grassed areas

It also includes soil in volumes and qualities adequate to sustain green infrastructure and absorb water, as well as technologies like porous pavements, rain barrels and cisterns, which are typically part of green infrastructure support systems. The green technologies in this definition replicate the functions of ecosystems, such as stormwater storage and filtration.

Green infrastructure is a system that extends from big city centres to rural areas. All components of the system are vital assets to our communities — but these assets lack sustained funding and policy support from higher levels of government.

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