Managing climate risks

Jo-Ellen Parry, Director, Adaptation (Canada), undertakes research, analysis, engagement and management activities within IISD’s Resilience Program.

Building on more than ten years of experience in the field of climate change, Ms. Parry’s current work strives to build the capacity of communities and governments in Canada and developing countries to manage climate risks. This includes exploring ways in which to integrate adaptation into development processes at the national and community levels by designing and facilitating processes that bringing together science, policy and local experience, and by supporting the development of tools for decision-making that respond to user needs. Previously she has undertaken research on developing countries’ climate change adaptation actions, on how adaptation to climate change might be advanced through an international agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the potential role of market mechanisms in promoting greenhouse gas reductions, and community based natural resources management.
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Why climate change adaptation is the unloved sibling at COP25: Don Pittis

Although adaptation made it onto the international agenda and was enshrined in the Paris climate agreement, Jo-Ellen Parry, an adaptation specialist at the International Institute for Sustainable Development, says there was originally strong pushback.

There are still many who feel adaptation gets too much attention.

Also referred to as resilience or resiliency planning, it is not difficult to see why some worry that adaptation merely offers an excuse to delay solving the real problem.

Instead, critics say, mitigation must be the priority for the limited amounts of climate change cash available: we must attempt to slow and stop the release of fossil carbon stored underground over billions of years, now being poured back into the atmosphere.

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