We need to tell people about climate change and how they can deal with it

If they can do it, we should be doing it too. I am talking about Canada, Ontario, Toronto or at least communities around Toronto creating STRATEGIC PLAN! What do you think?

The recently launched Maldivian Red Crescent (MRC) STRATEGIC PLAN 2019–2030 calls for the inclusion of “integrated risk assessments into island, city and national development planning”.

MRC Secretary General Aishath Noora Mohamed said at a launch event late last month (photo): “We are focusing on climate resilience together with our more traditional work around health and care that helps build socially resilient communities.

“It’s a more cohesive way of thinking, taking into consideration the new challenges we are facing in our humanitarian work.”

The National Society’s new plan was formally presented by Shidhaatha Shareef, Minister of Gender, Family and Social Services.

Climate change poses the greatest long-term threat to the nation and its water security. Most of the worrying effects of climate change involve water. Low-lying states such as the Maldives are particularly vulnerable to effects caused by sea-level rise. Events caused due to rising sea levels and more intense tropical storms increases coastal erosion, loss/threat to property and pollution of groundwater which might lead to major problems related to health.

Link to more info HERE and more about Maldivies in general HERE

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  1. Cheryl says:

    I absolutely agree. Presumably Toronto has a plan since they had a Rockefeller funded Chief Resiliency Officer for the past 2 years. My concern is the surrounding region as it tends to get ignored. Though telling people about climate change appears not to have worked. Certainly for the past 30 years the issue of climate change has been out there. As long as we have political leaders who tell people it is not an issue and that they need do nothing, or worse, behave as if we can make it worse without consequences, I think it is very difficult to get at least some folks on board. . . . until perhaps their house burns or floods. Maybe the climate itself will persuade them. c.

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