Join youth strikers demanding climate action May 24, 2019

Dear Aleksandar [and whoever else is interested in this event], 

As a young adult and climate activist, I spend a lot of time thinking about my future and the future of planet Earth. I’m 25 years old and starting to make plans — to grow my career, travel, get married and start a family. But, like many others my age, I wonder if I’ll have a shot at bringing my plans to life.

I’m inspired by youth climate activists like Greta Thunberg from Sweden, Alienor Rougeot from Toronto and Grace Long from Orillia. They’re worried about their future and the future of this planet, too, but they continue to hope, dream and organize for a better future.

On Friday, youth activists across the world are striking for climate action in their local communities and countries. Organizers like Greta, Alienor and Grace are working hard to remind us that, in the face of climate change, we need to come together and take action to bring our hopes and dreams to life.

Join your community in an international climate strike at Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto City Hall on Friday, May 24 at 12:30 p.m.

Here’s how you can take action:
• Go to the strike and bring others with you.
• Spread the word about the climate strikes on social media.
• Share your strike experience and pictures on social media and send them to your elected representatives and local news source.

It’s important to remember that strikes are not the end goal. Climate action is. To stay connected for more action, sign onto the students’ open letter demanding that all political parties have a comprehensive, bold plan for climate justice. Once you sign, you’ll hear about more opportunities for action.

Malkeet Sandhu, Community Organizer
David Suzuki Foundation

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