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Dear Resilience 2 to 1 members, happy start of one more year of exciting activities around RESILIENCE! I stumbled on this exciting document serving as an encouragement to all of us concerned about resilience in the urban environment.
Acting moderator, Aleks

The Human Rights Enhancer was prepared by UN-Habitat as part of the ongoing Urban Resilience Enhancer series. In order to promote collaboration and gather valuable inputs, the enhancers are open to peer review by expert organizations working in relevant sectors. For the Human Rights Enhancer, the Institute of Human Rights, Pedro Arrupe -Coordination NOHA Masters Consortium- conducted an in-depth review to provide inputs, comments and suggestions. These inputs have shaped the Enhancer into its current version.

The Resilience Enhancers developed under the City Resilience Profiling Tool isolate the cross-cutting themes that underpin UN-Habitat’s resilience building methodology into an advocacy and training tool.

The Enhancers provide both an understanding of the relationship between the topic in focus (i.e. Gender, Climate Action, Human Rights) and development, development agendas, resilience and the CRPT. In the case of the latter, the indicators related to the topic have been extracted from the global CRPT and are included in the Enhancers. They can provide a first approach to the resilience related matter, taking into consideration the systemic, holistic and comprehensive understanding of urban resilience that moves away from assessment in silos.

The objective of the Enhancer is to help governmental actors or other partners to assess the addressed resilience of their urban settlements but while putting a special focus on certain topics that need to be addressed, in this case Human Rights. They can be used as a starting point to assess resilience and the matter related to urban settings, and to discuss how to take it further.

You can read complete document in PDF format.

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