Urban Resilience Hub [UN Habitat – for a better urban future]

Resilient Campaign will continue beyond 2020 with the support and recommendations of many partners and participants.

The Campaign has been assured through two documents adopted by government and international stakeholders: the Local and Sub-National Governments Declaration at the 2015 UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai, Japan, and “The Florence Way Forward” adopted at the High-Level Forum on Implementing the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction at the Local Level in Florence, Italy in June 2016.

The campaign has been successful in raising the awareness and political profile for disaster risk reduction and resilience among cities, creating a broad alliance and platform for dialogue and exchange, and developing some basic tools with technical content to guide capacity development and implementation of resilient cities.

Campaign supports activities that promote resilience, sustainable urban development and increased understanding of disaster risks by stakeholders in their respective localities. Over 3,000 cities have already join the Campaign.

The Campaign is promoted and coordinated by UNISDR, and UN-Habitat is currently acting as its Chair.

Link to the complete information about Urban Resilience Hub

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