Money Speaks

Last week I attended a day on building better cities and climate change at the Global Economic Forum here in Toronto. There the panels are made up of investment bankers who control and invest billions, entrepreneurs in battery technology, smart cities, and solar, as well as government leaders. The message was clear. . . fossil fuels are a stranded asset and many investment bankers will not fund infrastructure or other fossil fuel projects. That’s good news. If there is no funding then there can be no development. And today Bill McKibben writes the same in the Guardian:

4163.jpg?width=1200&height=630&quality=85&auto=format&fit=crop&overlay-align=bottom%2Cleft&overlay-width=100p&overlay-base64=L2ltZy9zdGF0aWMvb3ZlcmxheXMvdGctb3BpbmlvbnMucG5n&s=d054b8c79c9286ebfd021031633ca808 At last, divestment is hitting the fossil fuel industry where it hurts | Bill McKibben | Opinion | The Guardian
I remember well the first institution to announce it was divesting from fossil fuel. It was 2012 and I was on the second week of a gruelling tour across the US trying to spark a movement. Our …

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