International Network of Cities Where Living is Good

Few days ago I stumbled upon this organization growing quite fast all over the world. Part of their philosophy is quoted bellow:

“The Slow Cities movement promotes the use of technology oriented to improving the quality of the environment and of the urban fabric, and in addition the safe-guarding of the production of unique foods and wine that contribute to the character of the region.

In addition, Slow Cities seek to promote dialog and communication between local producers and consumers. With the overarching ideas of environmental conservation, the promotion of sustainable development, and the improvement of the urban life. Slow Cities provide incentives to food production using natural and environmentally-friendly techniques.”

I think that this will be one of the steps in what we think to do. Few Canadian cities are members of this exciting movements: Cittaslow Cowichan Bay, Lac_Mégantic, Naramata and Volfville.

This is link to complete information about Cittaslow organization

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Yes, I heard about them some time ago. They grew out of the original Slow Food Movement begun in Italy. They are all about quality of life and slowing down to enjoy it.

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