Transforming Cities for People and Planet

UrbanShift supports cities around the world to adopt integrated approaches to urban development, building an equitable, zero-carbon future where both people and planet can thrive.

We live on a rapidly urbanizing planet, but our cities are struggling to provide basic services to their people – from clean air and water to reliable public transport and safe, affordable housing. As a result of this unprecedented urban growth, carbon emissions are on the rise and pressures on vital ecosystems are intensifying.

Funded by the Global Environment Facility and led by the UN Environment Programme, UrbanShift is working to transform cities for people and planet through sustainable, integrated, zero-carbon urban development.

From coastal management measures in Surat, India to low-emission zones in Teresina, Brazil and upgraded informal settlements in Kigali, Rwanda, UrbanShift’s mission is to cultivate an urban development practice that is rooted in equity and integration, addressing not just one urban challenge, but many.

We’re collaborating with more than 23 cities in Asia, Africa and Latin America on a range of cross-sectoral strategies, reducing carbon emissions and conserving biodiversity while fostering sustainable, equitable growth. We’re also building a knowledge and learning platform that connects cities worldwide with the tools, training and advocacy they need to put these strategies into action.

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