School of Climate Management

The resilient World Institute School of Climate Management offers a range of courses designed to explain the realities of climate science and how the intensifying climate crisis will impact businesses, commerce, and industry in Ontario.

Recent studies have confirmed that the widespread flooding and destructive wildfires that are becoming annual events in Ontario are primarily due to the worsening climate. In early 2019, a report from Environment and Climate Change Canada stated that Canada will warm twice as fast as the global average.

In 2018, the heat wave in Montreal caused the death of over 60 people. These extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and more intense. There is a growing risk that they will disrupt business operations and commerce and that they will have substantial economic impacts and financial costs.

The School of Climate Management offers courses that show what measures Canadians can take to manage the risks of global warming and the changing climate. These changes cannot be stopped in the short term, but they can be managed so that the negative impacts are planned for and the threats can be minimised and contained.

Companies that participate in RWI training courses can apply for generous Canada Ontario Job Grants.

The School of Climate Management looks forward to welcoming you to the institute and providing you with the tools to enable you to manage the risks and to adapt your business operations and commerce to the new reality of the climate threats in the first half of the 21st century.

Martin Bush, BSc Tech, MSc, PhD, Director, School of Climate Management

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