How Regenerative Agriculture is a solution to global challenges

… a lovely interview with Gabe Brown  leader in regenerative agriculture


The Carbon Series kicks off with Gabe Brown, legendary Rancher from Bismarck, North Dakota. US Energy had the opportunity to visit the Brown Ranch where Gabe supports 17 enterprises on his 5,000 acres. He tells his story of how and why he made the transition to Regenerative Agriculture and why the industry should embrace this model.

Gabe believes Regenerative Agriculture provides solutions for building capacity and resilience while combating challenges around climate change, desertification, poverty, and food security. Visit to get more information and resources on how and why Regenerative Agriculture is a sustainable solution.

The Carbon Series will be hosting the Carbon Summit on June 16th-17th, 2021 at the College of Idaho (Caldwell) in the heart of the Treasure Valley. Visit for more information or to get involved!

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