Indigenous Climate Hub & Climate Action

These are two websites with very valuable resources for Indigenous people of Canada, but, I think, also to help us join our efforts. We are all in this together!

The vision of this website is to provide a platform for Indigenous peoples across Canada to share their climate change experiences and stories. Developed by Indigenous peoples for Indigenous peoples, the Indigenous Climate Hub provides access to climate change resources tools for Indigenous peoples to monitor and adapt to our ever changing climate. The platform also acts as a hub for Indigenous climate change leaders working on similar issues to come together and build from each others knowledge and experiences.

Read more about:

  • • Effects of Climate Change on Indigenous Communities
    • What is Climate Change Adaptation?

Climate change poses significant risks to Indigenous peoples and their traditional and contemporary economies, communities and the natural environment. As the traditional stewards of this land, Indigenous peoples must work together, to mitigate and reduce these risks.

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Indigenous Climate Action (ICA) is an Indigenous-led organization guided by a diverse group of Indigenous knowledge keepers, water protectors and land defenders from communities and regions across the country. We believe that Indigenous Peoples’ rights and knowledge systems are critical to developing solutions to the climate crisis and achieving climate justice. .

What We Do
Our work inspires, connects and supports Indigenous Peoples, reinforcing our place as leaders in climate change discourse and driving solutions for today and tomorrow. Our work is grounded in four main pathways: Gatherings, Resources and Tools, Amplifying Voices and Supporting Indigenous Sovereignty.

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  • • Resources and Tools. Producing resources and trainings that uplift Indigenous expertise and knowledge as drivers of solutions to climate change
    • Amplifying Voices. Working to center Indigenous Peoples, rights and knowledge in the climate discourse
    • Gatherings. Bringing people together to grow a land-based climate movement, build relationships and focus on supporting effective climate solutions
    • Indigenous Sovereignty. Upholding Indigenous Peoples’ inherent right and authority to make decisions about our well-being

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