The Museum of Tomorrow

This unbelievable building by Santiago Calatrava is location of the Museum of Tomorrow [Museu do Amanhã] in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A new icon of the modernization of Rio de Janeiro’s harbor, the Museum of Tomorrow was born in the Praça Mauá as a experimental science museum meant to explore, imagine, and conceive all the possibilities for constructing the future.

One of the most imaginative section within observatory of tomorrow is dealing with longevity in the cities.

…”The cities of the future will need a new approach to health care, and one that is embedded in the ecological sustainability of place as well as people. One area where there is massive room for improvement is the production and distribution of food. Currently, much of the food that is eaten in cities is produced by industrial farming techniques, far away from the city. This is bad for environmental sustainability, and can limit the options for many older and poorer residents. Many cities have become ‘food deserts,’ meaning fresh produce is unaffordable for many citizens. “.

* By Henrietta Moore, Director of the Institute for Global Prosperity and Chair in Philosophy, Culture and Design at University College London

Link to the full text of this paper.

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